Some businesses are huge, and some are tiny. Some do business in just one or two states, and some nationwide. Some go about their business uneventfully, while some (insurance carriers, for example) attract lawsuits like a magnet. As a result, different businesses have different needs when it comes to Registered Agent representation.

But with most Registered Agent providers, you'd never guess that. They assume that all businesses are going to need all of a Registered Agent's services, and they charge accordingly. As a result, the smaller, more trouble-free companies end up subsidizing the bigger, more litigation-prone ones.

Victrix International, LLC, works on an entirely different premise. We believe that, particularly today, no business has money to waste – and that paying for Registered Agent services you don't need is wasteful.

To begin with, we're not a law firm (though we are affiliated with one). This means that while legal advice and help with filling out forms are right next door at little or no cost, we don't have to build legal services into our fees.

Like "good driver" insurance companies, we screen businesses to serve those unlikely to need extra services (such as dealing frequently with lawsuit documents or handling frequent garnishments of employee wages) and review each company's activity at the end of each year.

So you get a local Registered Agent, fully familiar with the registered agent function and only a phone call away during business hours. You pay for the Registered Agent services you actually need, and not a penny more.