Registered Agents perform services that every business needs. Depending on the State, they may:
  • receive and forward state Annual Report notices
  • receive and forward forms for annual licenses and fees
  • receive and forward legal process concerning lawsuits
  • receive and forward notices of state franchise taxes
  • notify if filing status is in good standing or not
These services are important, because failing to qualify or file required reports, renew business licenses, or pay taxes and fees on time can cost your business fines and penalties, perhaps even jeopardize your right to do business in that state or to prosecute or defend against lawsuits in state courts.

Having a Registered Agent with a physical address means that your business can move from one location to another without having to change its Secretary of State Registered Agent registration with every move. Registered Agents in Victrix International, LLC's network are also familiar with their registered agent/registered office function and able to assist in appropriate circumstances if complications arise with state filings concerning qualification to do business.

If something urgent concerning the registered agent/registered office function should arise, they'll contact you promptly.

They'll notify you of certain state developments, such as if a state you do business in stops mailing out annual report forms, as several states have , to save money.

But there are also Registered Agent services that many businesses don't typically need, including:
  • receiving many services of process for lawsuits
  • receiving many civil complaints
  • receiving many notices for unfiled taxes
  • receiving many papers for interrogatories and other discovery for lawsuits
  • receiving frequesnt paperwork for garnishment of employees' wages
And if you don't need those services, Victrix International can save you the cost of paying for them.